Alternative View 10 - 16 Disc DVD Collection is Here!

The Alternative View

Order your AV10 DVD Box Set today – a powerful collection of 16 discs with previously recorded LIVE presentations from some of the best researchers and activists in their respective fields. 

Get the 16 disc box set now at this special price through July 31st. Orders begin shipping July 1st!

The following DVD Presentations are included in the AV10 DVD Box Set: 

1). Brian Gerrish  - ACTION Conquers FEAR

2). Patrick Henningsen  -  Masters of the Narrative

3). David Noakes - A Life Less Ordinary

4). Clive de Carle - The Global Health Conspiracy ... & How WE WILL Dismantle it!

5). Dr Graham Downing - Controling Time : The Battle for Free Will

6). Deborah Tavares - Worldwide Agenda : Extinction Plans in Documents

7). David Ellis - The Roman Temple of Mars - EU Military Unification; A Precursor to Global Governance

8). Clive de Carle Workshop

AV10 DVD Box 2 :

9). Gemma O'Doherty - Exposing Corruption

10). John Smith - Common Law Courts : An Opportunity for REAL Justice!

11). David DuByne - The Ice Age Cometh : Solar Minimum & 'Climate Change'

12). Benny Wills - Cancer is Curable & Other TRUTHS worth fighting for!

13). Mads Palsvig - The Solutions - Creating Economic Growth & Eradicating Poverty

14). Mark Steele - Stop 5G Crime - Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall

15). Ian R Crane + 5G Forum - Community Activism : How to stop 5G ... Dead in it's Tracks!

16). Georgia Pouliquen - The 'Yellow Vest' Uprising : A reaction to Rampant Corporatism


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